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Vince Gildner, PT, ATC, CSCS

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Physical Therapist
ProActive Since 2002

Vince has several years of orthopaedic and sports medicine experience. His knowledge in functional exercise and restoring functional movement patterns has helped many athletes return to their sport at a higher level than their pre-injury status.

As an athletic trainer with Seattle Pacific University, the University of Washington, the Seattle Thunderbird hockey and Seattle Sounders soccer teams, Vince has lent his expertise in helping patients prevent and rehabilitate sport related injuries. His commitment to the local community is evidenced by serving as a volunteer athletic trainer for Black Hills High School and providing education to athletes on correct running, jumping, and landing mechanics for injury prevention.

Vince is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and keeps current with the latest research on functional and sport specific training. He is a regular speaker on injury prevention and rehabilitation, with a specific focus on the ACL. Vince is an avid golfer and has a particular interest in preventing and rehabilitating golf injuries using proper golf swing mechanics. He also enjoys water and snow skiing as much as possible.

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