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At ProActive Physical Therapy we believe every injury and every patient is unique. During your initial evaluation we take the time to assess not only your area of pain but the body as a whole.  Our goal is not just treat your symptoms but find the cause of your dysfunction.

During your evaluation you will be given an individualized plan of care designed by your licensed physical therapist.  This includes for you a description of your diagnosis, your treatment plan, a home plan, your goals, and what to expect after your treatment sessions.  Your therapist is available for contact between appointments via phone or email.

At the conclusion of your treatment at ProActive Physical Therapy, we offer a complimentary consultation with our performance training staff.  This is an opportunity for our trainers to take your home exercise program to the next level based on your therapist’s recommendation.  Our customized care program is designed to take you through your rehabilitation, back to your functional status and goals, and on to continued prevention.

Physical Therapy Locations: TumwaterLaceyOlympia, and Bellevue


At ProActive Physical Therapy we believe you should train like you play.  The same is true for physical therapy.

Exercise machines rarely simulate real life activity; especially machines that target individual muscles or muscle groups.  Therefore, we prefer to use natural body movement exercises that incorporate functional neuromuscular patterns.

The simple movement of a joint requires the well coordinated co-activation of many muscles.  Breakdown of any component of that system can cause faulty movement patterns creating dysfunction in joints or tissue.  Functional therapy emphasizes the correction of faulty movement patterns.

Our physical therapists assess not only your pain but the faulty movement patterns causing your dysfunction.  Through activity specific designed exercises we restore normal function, allowing you to reach your goals and prevent future breakdown.

ProActive Physical Therapy has developed an ACL Risk Reduction program for high school female athletes in the Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey area.  Female athletes who participate in cutting and jumping sports are 5 times more likely to suffer a knee injury than a male athlete.

We developed our program to identify higher risk athletes, work on risk factors we have the ability to impact, and decrease the incidence of ACL injuries in our area.  All of our data is additionally being used in a long term study to identify risk factors and evaluate the risk reduction intervention.

Our ACL program consists of three stages.  The first stage is Risk Assessment Testing.  We have designed a compilation of assessment tools to evaluate a variety of risk factors.  Our testing uses hands-on therapist evaluation and sport activities recorded and evaluated on our video analysis software.

The second stage of the Risk Reduction program is training.  Our program offers an individualized home program based on the individual athletes risks and the opportunity to participate in a complimentary 6 week training program with our performance training staff targeting risk factors and technique for higher risk athletes.

The final stage to the Risk Reduction program is post-testing.  The athletes will be given the same compilation of tests as done in the risk assessment testing after their sport season.  Our goal is to evaluate any injuries obtained during the season, evaluate any change to risk factors seen through assessment tools, and evaluate effectiveness of the second stage of the program.


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