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At ProActive Physical Therapy, we believe in functional physical therapy. This means breaking your activities, whether work or play, into specific movement patterns.

These patterns will be used to direct your treatment. Getting you back into your life as quickly and safely as possible is our main goal.

Muscles and joints don’t work alone. Simple tasks, as mundane as drinking a glass of water, require the coordination of many muscles and joints. Now imagine what it takes to swing a golf club with precision. To play soccer or football requires the use of virtually every joint and muscle in the body working together in a concert of action and reaction.

Muscles and joints, therefore, must be trained in groups. Functional exercise must be geared toward a specific movement pattern.

We use this functional philosophy for athletes and non-athletes. Whether you were injured in the garden or the little league championships, you can benefit from our treatment philosophy. Your care is always top priority with us.

Physical Therapy Locations: TumwaterLaceyOlympia, and Bellevue.

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