Devon Hughes, BSK, HSF

Performance and Fitness Coach

Devon attended Pacific Lutheran University where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in sport and exercise psychology. Growing up, Devon was a multiple sport athlete who loved to play. When he went to college, he decided to dive head first into the books and leave the sports behind. He was driven to learn about the body and how it moves, but still desired to be around sports, so he started coaching a youth baseball team right out of high school.

As he progressed through his years at PLU and as a coach, he became increasingly interested in the multi-faceted topic of motivation. He wanted his coaching style to motivate his team to work hard and get better. He was very fortunate to get the opportunity while at PLU to study under a world renowned sports psychologist, and his most influential mentor, Dr. Colleen Hacker. She taught Devon techniques to incorporate in his programming to ultimately inspire athletes to reach their ultimate goals.

Devon’s training philosophy comes from simple base principle; GET RESULTS. Any coach can make you tired or sore, but a true coach will make you better. Devon’s purpose is to enhance your performance, no matter the skill level, sport or activity. He works with his clients to formulate a program that will work best for them.